Frank in short

We are Frank. We're the company behind hundreds of web shops, divided into four main markets: Home, Outdoor, Sport, and Healthcare. We started in the Netherlands, but now we're active in several different countries all over Europe. We believe that online shopping knows no physical boundaries, everyone should be able to order online. That's why all of our shops are simple and accessible. Everything should be attainable: that's why we choose to offer such a wide variety.

The key word is expertise, in everything we do. Expertise in products, so that we can keep our clients as informed as possible. Expertise in information technology for a perfect, user-friendly website. Expertise in logistics, to get everything, in a tidy and timely fashion, where it needs to be.

370+ Frank shops
70+ Frank experts
300.000 Frank products
8.000 m² Frank warehouse
7 Frank countries