Shipping outside Europe and the UK

Have you seen something at Frank you would like to purchase, but you do not have an address in Europe?

Shipping outside Europe

You can still order the products you wish to purchase with us! We will ship the parcel to the UK for you, free of charge. The parcel forwarding service Borderlinx will ship your parcel to your specified destination. The use of Borderlinx is simple: you create an account on their website to get your personal UK address. This is the address you use when you order from Frank. We ship your order to the Borderlinx address. Borderlinx will make sure your parcel will be shipped to your specified destination. Please click here to read more about the process, and click here to read more about Borderlinx..

Please note, when you make use of Borderlinx, we are not responsible for the shipping of your parcel outside Europe and the UK. Therefore we cannot offer you free returns, nor when the product is damaged. If you have enquiries about shipping from the UK to your specified destination, please contact Borderlinx.

We do offer shipping to other countries in Europe. Please contact our customer service when you have an address in Europe and want to place an order.

Disclaimer: Frank is not associated with Borderlinx in any way, and is therefore not responsible for your package after it has reached the UK address.

Shipping to Ireland

Frank offers shipping to Ireland. If you have an address in Northen Ireland you can shop with us, free of charge via our UK webshop. When you are located in Ireland, please visit our Irish webshop.