Frank's tip: the best binoculars for you

Frank has made a selection for you of which we think are the best suitable binoculars for your specific situation. We specifically focused on the best viewing experience, especially for you. You do not buy binoculars for one week, but for years or even for a lifetime! Down below, you can read more about different situations and which binoculars are the best for you in every type of situation.


Are you looking for binoculars that you can use for many different occasions? All-around binoculars are a great choice for you. Frank has selected three binoculars for you: a basic, mid-range and high-end model. These models are lightweight and therefore easy to take with you on a holiday or trip. Our expert recommends a 10x magnification for an all-around model since this magnification can be used in many different situations.

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When you go on a safari, binoculars are your best friend. Watching and observing the wild and exotic animals is an experience you do not want to miss out on. Maybe you want to have binoculars which you can effortlessly take with you. Perhaps you are planning to spot the big five in the twilight, or during the day. For these three situations, the expert of Frank has selected binoculars so you can enjoy your safari. With the right binoculars, of course.

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Bird watching

To be outside and enjoy what nature has to offer us, is a relaxing activity. Especially when the birds are chirping, to provide you with some background melody. It would be best to observe the behaviour of the birds in great detail. Whether you are observing the birds from your balcony or in the forest, a pair of binoculars can be your best friend. For three different situations, Frank has selected the best binoculars. With these binoculars you are ensured of a detailed image of the birds around you.

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You need a good pair of eyes for hunting, so a pair of binoculars can be of quite some help. Binoculars suitable for hunting need to be resistant agains heavy weather, such as rain and stormy weather. A pair of binoculars with a large lens diameter also allows you to have a clear and sharp image, even during dusk or dawn. For three different situations that apply to hunting, the expert of Frank has chosen the best suitable binoculars.

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A walk in the forest

Eye in eye with a reed, wild boar or a deer is a special occurrence! When you like to make walks through the woods, it is a special experience to spot wild animals. A pair of binoculars allow you to observe the animals even easier and better. For three common situations, we have chosen binoculars that perfectly match your wants and needs, so you can always go for a leisurely walk in the forest with a pair of binoculars.

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On the water

A pair of binoculars suitable for on the water, needs to be resistant to the effects of severe weather. Frank has listed the best binoculars in this category for you, so you you can enjoy your trip on or near the water, worry-free. Our expert has selected three binoculars for three different situations and needs.

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Spotting scopes

An avid birdwatcher or a spotter of wild can not do without a spotting scope. It can be difficult to decide what type of spotting scope you need when you are a beginner, but also when you already have a bit more experience in observing nature. There is so much to choose from! That is why Frank has listed three different spotting scopes to help you in your choice. The expert has made a distinction between three different categories, and based its recommendations on a basic, mid-price and high end model.

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