Frank's tip: find the telescope for you

Perhaps you already have an idea about the budget you want to spend on a telescope or about what exactly you want to observe with a telescope. On these pages you will find our tips on which telescope is suitable for which purpose. You will also find tips for a telescope given the budget or the astronomer's level. Thanks to Frank's tip, you do not have to endlessly search for the perfect telescope anymore, we have already selected the right telescope for you!


Whether you have only dreamed of it and have never seen a telescope up close before, or whether you are a true astronomy expert, we have a suitable telescope for everyone, which you will enjoy for years. We have divided our Frank's tips into the degree of expertise: child, beginner, advanced and expert. This way, we think you can choose the best telescope.

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Each type of telescope is suitable for different purposes, so we have made a subdivision per desired observation. We give a Frank's tip for four different observations, namely moon, moon and planets, planets and nebulae and deep sky-observations.

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Is stargazing with the naked eye not enough? Would you like to go a step further and look at it at a later time? Then of course you can connect your camera to a telescope, so you can take sharp pictures of star constellations that lie further away in the universe. We will gladly give you tips on which telescopes are very suitable for astrophotography. Of course, it is also ideal to know which accessories you need for astrophotography, even for this you are at the right address. Below you can find Frank's tip for the following categories: basic model, middle class model, high end model and accessories.

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