About Wedgwood

The British company Wedgwood has a worldwide reputation as a producer of high-quality dinnerware, vases and gift items. Josiah Wedgwood "the father of the English potters" founded the company in 1759. His inventions and innovative spirit earned him worldwide appreciation and imitation. In his spirit, the tradition of searching for innovations and quality improvements continues today. This is reflected in the innovative service that Wedgwood brings every year.

Known dinnerware

With the different and diverse collections, Wedgwood offers a selection of different styles, so there is always a suitable dinnerware for every occasion, formal or informal, modern or classic. The fine, white "fine bone china" and the cream-colored earthenware dinnerware are made to last.

Wedgwood Edme

Probably the best-known dinnerware from Wedgwood is the Edme dinnerware. Characteristic of this set are the vertical columns in the relief with ornaments in which 1 or 2 ram heads are incorporated. Or as it is often called "the cream-colored crockery with a ripple". This dinnerware series has been in the Wedgwood collection since 1908. Designed by the then Art Director of Wedgwood, John Goodwin on behalf of the Pannier brothers from Paris. Edmé was the first name of one of the brothers.

Wedgwood Edme

Wedgwood Cornucopia

Classic, with a golden edge. Wedgwood Cornucopia is a classic dinnerware set that was introduced by Wedgwood in 1995. Made from fine bone china and decorated with a wide and ivory-colored border, finished with a navy blue band and an ocher-colored rope motif. The edges of the set are provided with a golden border, to emphasize the luxury character even more.

With this very complete dinnerware series, you give your set table an extra luxurious appearance.

Wedgwood Cornucopia


Nowadays, Wedgwood also works with contemporary and famous (fashion) designers, such as Jasper Conran and Vera Wang. These partnerships ensure that Wedgwood remains progressive. With striking shapes and colors, these designers give their own identity to the set table. Mix and match your own dinnerware with the different dinnerware series.

Jasper Conran

The famous English fashion designer Jasper Conran is known for combining usefulness with style. He created contemporary crockery for Wedgwood. His personal signature goes through the entire Jasper Conran collection of Wedgwood, he combines the best materials with the simplicity of the form.

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Vera Wang

Vera Wang is an authority in the field of very elegant bridal fashion. She designed wedding dresses for Mariah Carey and Jessica Simpson, among others. The basis of her dinnerware designs for Wedgwood can be related to a deep sense of tradition and beauty, combined with the wishes of the contemporary woman, who appreciates the quality of luxury items.

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