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Yonex 16244EX Men's T-shirt

14 Jul 2018
“Brought this item for my partner he is well pleased with it ”
Yonex 16244EX Men's T-shirt

Yonex Voltric 7 Neo Badminton Racket

25 Jun 2018
“I love this racquets. It has a great balance between power and touch. ”
Yonex Voltric 7 Neo Badminton Racket

McDavid 462 Shoulder support

22 May 2018
“I have rotator cuff pain which flares up painfully from time to time. The support worked well as long as I was not being active. Sitting watching TV or eating a meal was OK because the support stopped me from making accidental movements. It was less effective when moving around. One reason is that the support is quite complicated to put on, especially if your shoulder problem restricts your ability to reach behind and across yourself. My wife helped me put it on but she was not strong enough to tighten it as much as I wanted. Moving around, it was often too loose and rode up my chest and away from the top of the shoulder. The instructions show the support being worn over a t-shirt. In the pictures, the shirts are skin-tight. The pictures show men and women with gym-toned bodies. It is many years since I went to a gym, however, and I am rather overweight. My shape does not help the support to stay in place. If the t-shirt is loose fitting (as mine are) this leads to even more movement of the support. I could not wear it for long periods against my skin, however, because it rubbed uncomfortably in places. I would say that if you are fit and toned, with a trim physique and little body fat, the support could do a good job helping you to recover from an injury, especially if you have help to tighten it. If you are overweight in general, or carry excess fat around your chest, it might be better to think about adhesive strapping.”
McDavid 462 Shoulder support