I'm looking for a backpack for ...

You are going on a journey and what will you take with you? A backpack must be one of the first answers. Our range of backpacks and backpacks is quite substantial. To help you on your way, we have indicated for which activity the bags - in our opinion - are especially suitable. With this we hope to make the choice a little easier to make.

A hike

  1. Nice and light
  2. Comfortable shoulder straps
  3. A place for food, drinks and extra clothing
  1. Too small for a weekend away

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A city trip

  1. A place for food and drinks, clothing and your camera
  2. Comfortable and airy back system
  3. Not too heavy, so you are well mobile
  1. Less resistant to rain

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  1. A place for books, your case and possibly a laptop
  2. The lunch package can also be taken along
  3. Between 20 and 30 liters in size
  1. Pretty trend sensitive

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  1. A place for your laptop and/or tablet
  2. Easy to take on a bike or train
  3. Equipped with many handy storage compartments
  1. Often has a hefty price

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  1. Nice and light
  2. Sits close to the body
  3. Often many useful functions for cyclists
  1. Less storage space

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  1. A huge amount of storage space (> 40 liters)
  2. To be divided into compartments
  3. A must-have when traveling
  1. Smart packaging is important

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  1. Suitable for multi-day trips
  2. A sturdy hip belt that distributes weight
  3. A lot of space for your outdoor equipment
  1. Relatively high weight on the back

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To ski

  1. The place for extra clothing
  2. The ability to store equipment
  3. Sits tightly on the body: no problems with bouncing
  1. Often technical bags: there is a price tag

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  1. A camera backpack offers protection for your material
  1. From SLR cameras to GoPro action cams
  1. Easy to carry: everything at hand
  1. Technical bags again: substantial price tag

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  1. A backpack that offers protection from pickpockets
  1. Often spacious with many quick access pockets
  1. Easy to carry: with peace of mind
  1. Often come with a substantial price tag

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